How We Integrate 3rd-Party Solutions

We have streamlined processes for delivering the right solution

If you need quick results with an ‘off the shelf’ software as a service (SaaS) solution, we can offer:

  • Requirement Analysis / Need Prioritization

    We listen to you, understand your problem and identify the elements that can make a big difference from the key input from us.

  • Solution Search / Your Value Mapping

    We survey the market and find the best fit within your key scope, budget, and timelines.We contact each software provider on your behalf and speak in the technical language they understand.

  • Solution Evaluation / Cost-Benefit Analysis

    By looking at the third-party software demo and by doing other due diligence processes, we shortlist the solution and provide you a cost-benefit analysis.You can select one or more solutions to try out to decide if the solution works for you. This helps you determine the benefit before committing to any long-term plan.

  • Solution Implementation / Value Tracking

    We supplement the support and training offered by the solution provider. We monitor the effectiveness of your software throughout the year while you concentrate on your core business.